This is a mix of success and something else.

Being able to have an open forum to talk to my (now past) instructors was one of the most humbling and enlightening experiences I have ever been a part of. These are professionals in every sense of the word and they have been around to help at any moment for the current crop of graduating web design and development students.

When our program director took the time to share some insightful juxtaposition to us, it became apparent that this could not be a more fitting end to our time at Full Sail. I can not imagine that in many other settings you are allowed meaningful time to voice your disconcertions to people that not only matter, but can assert change based in agreement (or otherwise) with your feedback.

As it is undoubtably very easy to heel to the ability to fill your heart with passion at a stage such as graduating college, nothing I feel right now will be taken at just face value. It will all be constantly analyzed and found for patterns. After all, this is what digs at the core of us.

Most things can be broken down to fundamentals and fortunately this is what we have been cultivated to become. Young professionals with a strong basis of understanding programming and design, conjoined with confidence to never head on our current pace of learning.

Small failures that are used to pivot with ease aid you in many aspects, but forward movement is a daily battle that I for one, intend on winning.


Knee Deep In

It’s a beautiful thing, to be a part of something that started as a thought.

Oh wow, has this thought become a reality. Being the most audacious project I have ever been involved in, this thing is turning out to be amazing. 

I’ve spent the last week finally marking up the HTML/CSS for this bad boy (all the meanwhile my partner on this project has been blasting away at the server side).


We are about to officially hit the “halfway” point of final projects, and hot damn are we going to blasting through it. Alpha by the end of the month?

Don’t mind if I do.


These next steps.

Perhaps the most wondrous feeling(to create something). In helping to orchestrate invention you stimulate the mind in ways that previously could not have been imagined.

Finally the team and I are working hard to enter a phase that starts to yield real results. This should be a wild ride, and a damn fitting conclusion to a great 2 years at Full Sail.

My mind will become structured like this soon.

Just indents and line numbers.


Getting late, but I don’t mind.

Honestly the only way to calm my mind, is to sit in a vat of thoughts all conjoined by solving problems. 

Real fucking problems though. 

Making something that creates real value is what I hold dearest to myself.

Perhaps one of the most important things that is going on in my life right now, is figuring out what I stand for. This is an amazing time to be alive, and I intend on taking full advantage of it.

and THEN some


4 minutes and 28 seconds

The choices that help pave who I am are reflective of who I will be.

Two more days of preparations for a wonderful pitch tomorrow afternoon.

Spent some time on some logo work with the project, keeping it abstract yet simple. Theres a lot of dizzying paperwork we are divulging.

A little snip, we’ll see how I feel about it in the morning.


missed step

Perhaps the quickest blow to the gut, would be to miss the required content before moving on to the extra.

Day 5 came and went - Second hand in for this project, 9 hours late.

Things like this keep me back on my toes.

staying vigilant.


not just for golfing

Day 4…

…Spent the last few hours working on our “project brief”. It’s basically just a video version of what we are going to pitch next Wednesday. It turned out quite nice, had to record voice-overs of myself and partner in this project.

Just a few audio clips…

theres around 3